Blogging and it’s impact on society

Blogs have impacted people’s lives in many different ways for many different reasons. Although some people may never have heard of a blog and indeed not knowingly have been affected by them; others have had their lives completely changed or even taken away as a result of participating in the “blogosphere”.

The blogosphere is what bloggers (blog authors) call their ever expanding cyber-community. Under this broad umbrella term there are hundreds, possibly thousands of smaller communities or “blogosphere’s”. Communities generally spawn around special-interest or topical blogs, and members are often highly affected by their blogs. Many of the best examples of blogs impacting on society come from the “Iraqi Blogosphere”, a collection of Iraqi and non-Iraqi blogs based around the war in Iraq and its far-reaching effects.

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Zarqawi dead but Iraq still a mess

A long time since I published anything of my own analysis, so the time has come.

Iraq is now 3 years down the track of an u unsuccessful occupation and the questions still remain:

Who is in control of this country?

When will the reconstruction begin?

When will electricity and clean water be available for everyone?

Exactly what is in the “Green Zone” and when can Iraqi’s begin to use it?

Who really was al-Zarqawi, where are his “deputies” and how will you stop them?

Who am I asking these questions to?

When will Iraqi’s be safe to walk their children to school?

When will Iraqi children go back to regular school?

Who exactly are the tens of thousands of Iraqi’s and foreigners still locked up behind bars in make-shift Coalition prisons or interior ministry “detnetion centres”?

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