Zarqawi dead but Iraq still a mess

A long time since I published anything of my own analysis, so the time has come.

Iraq is now 3 years down the track of an u unsuccessful occupation and the questions still remain:

Who is in control of this country?

When will the reconstruction begin?

When will electricity and clean water be available for everyone?

Exactly what is in the “Green Zone” and when can Iraqi’s begin to use it?

Who really was al-Zarqawi, where are his “deputies” and how will you stop them?

Who am I asking these questions to?

When will Iraqi’s be safe to walk their children to school?

When will Iraqi children go back to regular school?

Who exactly are the tens of thousands of Iraqi’s and foreigners still locked up behind bars in make-shift Coalition prisons or interior ministry “detnetion centres”?

When the hell will things get better?

Until some of these questions begin to get answered appropriately nothing is going to bring solace to the Iraqi population.

They are angry and sick to death of suffering under dictatorships and foreign occupation. They want peace times and electricity. They want clean water and medical supplies. They want the Tigris to run free of blood and pollution as it has for many milleniums of Iraqi civilization. There are extremists in Iraq who work on these discontents to provoke anti-US sentiment; and then seize on that sentiment to steal popularity they do not deserve.

Until the Coalition Forces begin to show the Iraqi’s signs of the reconstruction they have promised, primarily STABLE ELECTRICITY AND WATER SUPPLY these extremists will continue to grow in popularity.

Zarqawi was just one of many who knew how to pay off the right person and use the right words to invoke friendships under the theory of “my enemies enemy is my friend”. the enemy being “the occupation”- and eventually becoming “this Iraqi and that Iraqi and the other Iraqi over there…..”

What do you do to stop these deadly forces? You use those multinational forces to secure the power grids and water lines. You rebuild these vital infrastructures and suddenly you will find Iraqi’s more willing to turn against these people. You provide IRAQI’s with the opportunity to rebuild their country; you do not employ Halliburton or another rich international company to do what Iraqi’s can do themselves; cheaper and better.

Iraqi’s have been rebuilding Iraq since the dawn of civilization and after every occupation and invasion incured in the over 15,000 years since. Mosul, Baghdad, Basra, Hilla, Kut, Kirkuk; all of these have been razed to ground and rebuilt. Probably multiple times each and definately multiple times for Baghdad, Mosul and Sammara. Iraqi’s need employment and electricity; they have electricians and supplies they just need the coalition to provide them with enough security to do their job: FIX THEIR OWN PROBLEMS.

This is what Iraqi’s want and it’s what they’ll damn well get one way or another. Iraqi’s are stubborn. They will rebuild their country one way or another; but they will not let someone else rebuild the nation in their name. Allow Iraqi’s to rebuild their own infrastructure in the way they see fit and things will be done faster. An Iraqi company reconstructing an Iraqi bridge is less likely to be attacked than a multinational corporation trying to do the same; even if they used 100% Iraqi employee’s.

Come on people. Wake up. Stand up.




TELL THEM: “Iraqi’s can do it. Just provide them with some damn security!”

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