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Podcast Episode 3: Armadale, 100% Renewables & ALP Leadership

This third episode of the (Un) Common Sense Podcast is a week late, as a result of a tragedy in Luke’s family last week.

Download Episode 3 – Armadale, 100% Renewables & ALP Leadership.

This weeks podcast includes:

  • My reaction to the Armadale Forum with Police Commissioner and Minister, including brief discussion on ‘privilege’ within the local community and the need for better community facilities in Armadale.
  • Comment on government paternalism + prohibition/harsh penalties vs harm reduction.
  • The need a set deadline to reach 100% renewable energy in Australia.
  • Various plans for achieving a 100% renewable energy .
  • The Greens ‘Energy 2029’ plan for Western Australia.
  • Clean Energy Act of 2011 and the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC).
  • Reflection on change in Labor Party leadership & implications/opportunities.


Download the Greens WA ‘Energy 2029’ full policy document
Short version of the Greens WA ‘Energy 2029’ policy
Business Insider article on AEMO 100% renewables report
Australian Energy Market Operator report confirms 100% renewables feasible in Aus
Rethinking 2050, A 100% Renewable Energy vision for the EU report
Go 100 Percent – monitoring projects and plans for 100% renewable energy sources

Luke in the local Community Newspaper talking about Armadale, policing and the need for more social facilities around the local community.

Comment News article featuring Luke Skinner on Policing in Armadale

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