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Podcast Episode 4: Egypt, Renewable Energy and PRISM protests

Episode 4 of the (un) Common Sense Podcast is now available featuring a discussion with Luke Nicholas (@lukedez)!

Issues covered in this weeks episode include:

  • Egyptian President Morsi overthrown
  • The need for a 100% renewable energy target
  • Tactics for achieving the legislation of a 100% renewables target
  • The need to prevent further burning of hydrocarbons
  • Prohibition, punishment and the prison system for minor offenders
  • Diversion, harm reduction and decriminalisation doctrine
  • Scott Ludlam’s speech on PRISM at the Perth #PRISMBREAK protest
  • Edward Snowden offered asylum by Venezuela
  • Tony Burke signs off on release of 18 Refugee Children from detention

    [powerpress] Resources:

Full set of speeches from Perth’s #PRISMBREAK protest, including Senator Scott Ludlam, activist Tony Serve (@perthtones) and David Cake from Electronic Frontier Australia:

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