Over 1000 unique views in 1 month! #100daysofblogging #Day28

That's My Two CentsWhen I started this #100daysofblogging challenge 28 days ago, I hadn’t written published a post on this bog since January.

Resultingly I was averaging about 96 unique views per month, or a little over 3 views per day. If you don’t post content, no one is going to come to your site.

Well, maybe 3 people will. But even they don’t hang around long if the content is old.

I have now posted for 28 days in a row. My average unique views per day has increased by more than 1100% to 34 views per day, or 1020 unique views for the month. Not including any this post gets before midnight.

So what are the most popular posts so far…? Continue reading Over 1000 unique views in 1 month! #100daysofblogging #Day28

Selekt Few – Rights & Responsibilities (ft MD & Charley Caruso) – #100daysofblogging #day27

After performing at Back to the Roots last night at The Bakery, I haven’t been able to think much about writing today. My brain is a little frazzled.

However, in the spirit of celebrating a great night of hip hop and activism.. Introducing… cross posted for the first time to this blog… The lead single from our debut album:

Selekt Few – Rights & Responsibilities (ft. MD & Charley Caruso)

Much of this song came together by chance. We have bought many beats off Mdusu over the years and one day he asked to buy back one of the beats, (generously offering to pay more than he sold it to us for). Instead we came to a different agreement.

Mdusu would exchange the beat for another one we liked and also lay down a verse.

I (Shareef) had found this simple, crisp beat in his collection a long time ago and liked it, but Percuss had knocked it back on at least two occasions. Continue reading Selekt Few – Rights & Responsibilities (ft MD & Charley Caruso) – #100daysofblogging #day27

Back to the Roots – TONIGHT #100daysofblogging #day26

Back To The Roots posterTonight I’m performing as part of Selekt Few at the “Back to the Roots” fundraiser for the West Australian Forest Alliance.

I also helped the Forest Alliance crew put together this great line up of local hip hop and other live music acts, and all proceeds from the event will go to defending our beautiful native forests in the South West.

Where: The Bakery Perth

When: From 8:30pm, Saturday June 28.

Tickets: $30 on the door

Hope to see you there!

noWAsharkcull crew take it to the EPA #100daysofblogging #day25

#noWAsharkcull crew at the EPA office in Perth.
Image via AAP, that’s me in the green hat and shiny suit.

Some #noWAsharkcull crew today visited the office of the Environment Protection Authority on St George’s Terrace, Perth.

The aim was to deliver a scroll of messages and a book of photos to Paul Vogel. The messages on the scroll came from both here in Western Australia and from others around the world, all calling for an end to the shark cull in WA.

The real aim was to get the campaign back in the media, and combined with yesterday’s media blow-up, it has worked. We got media for what really was just a few people with a desire to see the head of the EPA, who in my opinion absolutely should be meeting with environmental movements.

If the EPA won’t even meet with us, after we break all their records for public submissions, what does that say about them? Maybe they will, we have requested a meeting with Paul Vogel between now and July the 4th, while the Public Environmental Review is still open.

We will see what happens, maybe he will prove open to discussion about alternatives.  Continue reading noWAsharkcull crew take it to the EPA #100daysofblogging #day25

Story of Stuff — best, simplest economics video ever. #100daysofblogging #Day24

Today has been a long day and I haven’t the energy for any serious political analysis after work and rehearsing for the Selekt Few performance at Back to the Roots this Saturday, at ‘The Bakery’ Northbridge.

So today’s post is an educational video for you to watch and from which to learn.