Protect Native Forests! (Back to the roots) #100daysofblogging #day5

250+ year old tree felled.I first posted about the WA Forest Alliance and their fight to save our native Karri forests in December last year.

It was possibly the most popular post on this blog, ever. Today I will give you an update. There’s some bad news and some good.

We’ll start with the bad…

I went back down to the forest recently to find a big beautiful tree I had photographed previously had been logged, oh and the whole area around it too. That would be the tree you can see all those people sitting on and putting their hands on in the photo above.

I was standing on the stump as I took the photo with my phone.

It was a dreadful and surreal moment. 

The Tree

I can’t believe this is actually happening in WA. The whole area you see above you has been clear-felled. There’s virtually none of those trees left. The canopy and undergrowth which was already damaged when the above photo was taken, is now gone.

The good news is that the logging was STOPPED in its tracks by the WA Forest Alliance not long after the above area was felled. They set up a camp right in the access way to a big area that had certainly never been felled before.

Fortunately the WA Forest Alliance managed to keep the loggers out until the big rains came and made logging in the area impossible until the dry season returns.

Every time I go down to those forests it’s a spiritual, personal experience as well as a moment of activist solidarity. There is little in life I enjoy better than getting a good sleep in the forest while at the same time helping keep a very important movement going.

Here’s a couple of photos of the camp, taken when I spent the night there recently with a bunch of friendly local activists.

The other good news? On June 28 myself and the crew at Selekt Few will be performing our hip hop set at “Back To The Roots”, a hip hop and drum’n’bass fundraiser gig for the WA Forest Alliance. You really should buy your tickets now!!!

Back To The Roots poster

Very proud to be playing along side the likes of Dazastah, Bryte MC, Wisdom2th, Jamahl Ryder, Lost & Found Trio and the Pimps of Sound, all for a very worthy cause. Your service to the earth is a testament to your worth! See you on the 28th!

Tickets $25 presale, $30 on the door.

Because it’s all for naught if we can’t save the earth.

One thought on “Protect Native Forests! (Back to the roots) #100daysofblogging #day5”

  1. Luke, this article captures so beautifully the connection that I had to that amazing tree. It is so incredibly sad to see it is now a stump, all for what? Not even for profit – instead the logging industry puts WA in $20 million dollars in debt (that was for the last business year).

    Thanks so much for being part of this movement. Your support and presence really mean so much to me and others.

    Hope to see lots of people at the BACK TO THE ROOTS fundraiser for our forests on 28th June. see here

    Gratitude and appreciation,

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