World Ocean Day #100daysofblogging #day6

Today is World Ocean Day.

No Super Trawler!The ocean is the giver and taker of life. The vast majority of all human life is situated along ocean coastlines for a good reason. It provides ample food, salts, minerals. The rivers which run to it provide us with fresh water for drinking, cleaning, cooking and industry.

Even the smallest ocean creatures like Plankton play a vital role in maintaining the careful balance which has kept the life functioning on Earth for millennia.

Yet we, humans, are rapidly and permanently destroying marine ecosystems and biodiversity.

In Western Australia our state government’s is slaughtering beautiful Tiger Sharks as part of an ineffectual and unpopular shark-cull policy. Not to mention the global epidemic that is shark-finning.

We are over-fishing every corner of the globe.  We are slaughtering whales and seals in disproportionate and wasteful numbers. Even dolphins aren’t being spared.

Over fishing / bycatch

Plastic pollution is turning distant parts of the ocean into massive floating whirlpools of garbage. The scale of damage from global oil, chemical and radioactive industrial spills continually grows.

We are now at the point where the damage being done to our ocean has become so extreme, that it is both hard to believe AND impossible to ignore.

We need some sense in global resources management, whether it be fish stocks, biodiversity, resources in the ground or the quality of our air and water.

The drive for endless growth has to be brought to an end.

We live in a finite world and must move toward sensible management of those resources, in a way which will guarantee the sustainability of human life on Earth for many, many future generations.

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