Hip hop and you don’t stop! #100daysofblogging #Day7

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It occurred to me today that if you didn’t know me outside of this blog, you probably don’t know that I co-host a weekly hip hop show, Rhythm & Poetry, with my man Ruxton, who also raps with me in Selekt Few.

Oh and I’ve also barely mentioned that we do the rap thing either. We’ve been doing it for for about 5 1/2 years now, since January 2009.

Our debut album ‘MD’ came out in April this year.

You should have a listen and, if you enjoy it, buy a copy of the album and perhaps some merch! That would be awesome.

But anyway, what I really want to share with you today are these 3 Australian hip hop music-videos.

Each of these songs is one of my favourites by that artist for various reasons, but the videos really top them off for me.

Jimblah‘s video presentation sets off a great song, ‘Brotherman’ was definitely one of my favourites on the album. Having read a little about the idea behind the video and why he’s all dressed up in a suit in one of the frames – I’ll give you a hint, it’s about positive representations of Indigenous people – makes all the difference.

I guess that’s one of the things I love about Blah. He takes his audience along the ride and explains it as it happens. Enjoy!

L-Fresh The Lion and I have become good friends in the last 9 months.The guys got talent, intelligence, energy and doesn’t shy away from putting in the hard yards. He’s also got a strong sense of self, combined with a strong connection to community. That’s what I love about this video. It’s about real images of him and his people.

And the song is beautifully executed, lyrically, musically and the delivery.

L-Fresh The Lion – Survive ft. mk1

This video by Bliss ‘n’ Eso‘s is representative of the origins of all the political music on “Flying Colours”, their best album to date from my point of view. The guys took a trip to South Africa and spent some time there helping out kids and communities in dire circumstances, and a lot of the content of their music around that time is driven by those experiences.

I loved it then and I love it now.  Enjoy!

Bliss N Eso – Bullet and a Target ft. the Connections Zulu Choir

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