LNP’s $500m decision – 1 drone or 1million solar homes? #100daysofblogging #day14

Australia spends big on militaryToday’s posts title pretty much sums it up. At last years election the LNP were promising a to contribute $500 toward installing solar at 1,000,000 Australian homes.

Why has this $500,000,000 renewable energy policy been dumped?

I don’t remember seeing them campaign on ‘building more drones’.  But there is at least $3,500,000,000 in the budget to buy 7 of them. That’s $500,000,000 per drone.

Sure camera drones help in protecting and keep an eye out for intruders but at the times of global crisis such as global warming and many other things I don’t think spending $500,000,000 per drone makes any sense. I’m happy with the camera drone I have(not comparing, just stating) for which I didn’t have to spend much but the same thing, when applied on a global level, makes no sense.

We do not need drones. We are not in the middle of a global war. We should never EVER ‘expect’ to be involved in such a war again.

If such a situation arose, conventional arms would matter little as intercontinental ballistic missiles loaded with chemical, biological or nuclear warheads would rapidly annihilate us all. This ‘mutual destruction’ guarantee has been in place for more than 50 years now.

We are in a crisis of leadership.

There is no debt crisis, there is no war to fight. There is climate change and there is some seriously poor spending decisions. Instead of tackling the serious problem of climate change through solar energy, the Liberal Party are wasting money on expensive gadgets.

Environment Minister Greg Hunt’s response when asked about the dumping of the solar rebate was to say “we’ve had to make difficult decisions” and then blame Labor. No big surprise there. Every time the LNP fail to produce a policy, they blame someone else.

I dream right now of a double disillusion and fresh election. The Australian public clearly had no idea what they were getting themselves in for, despite many warnings. It’s not just Tony Abbott, it’s not just Joe Hockey. It’s not just the budget.

It’s the Liberal Party’s agenda as a whole.

They harp on about ‘small government’ and ‘efficiency’ while chopping away at social services, while spending big on military hardware. Why?

Because they believe in a society in which the rich continue to get richer, regardless of the consequence to others. That kind of society only can only be sustained through the use of lethal force. It deals with internal and external dissent as a ‘threat’ to be neutralized.

That’s the kind of society we had back in the days with Kings, Queens and overt class and caste systems. Of slavery. Before democracy was truly embraced in the world. We all know that is the kind of system that Abbott longs for. Why else reintroduce Knights & Dames?

Democracy – the power of the people – has been subverted through misinformation.

The ‘people’ are no longer in ‘power’. We were silly enough to ‘vote’  out the most powerful allies we had. Not to say the ALP are necessarily the best allies of ‘the people’, but they are far more likely to act in the interests of ‘the people’ than this bunch of elitists.



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