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Is Climate Change Crap?
Image Credit: Fiona Katauskas

Today the upper house of the Australian Parliament, the Senate, voted down the Liberal Party’s absurd proposal to disband the Clean Energy Finance Corporation.

This gave the Abbott Government it’s first potential ‘trigger’ for a Double Dissolution election, which it had been threatening to force since failing to win a majority in both houses at the election last year.

The CEFC provides a critically important function in enabling Renewable Energy projects to get off the ground in Australia, investing $536M in 2013 and enabling projects worth more than $2bn to go ahead. These projects will generate abatements in excess of 3.8M tonnes of carbon emissions per year. Additionally the CEFC is profitable business in it’s own right, with a 7% profit achieved in its first 3 reporting quarters.

There are no ‘savings’ to be made by abandoning the CEFC.

There is no sound reasoning behind shutting down the CEFC. It is MAKING a profit for the Government. It is achieving it’s aim of reducing emissions. It is supported by both the Australian public and the business sector. It helps creates jobs.

This is either an ideological move, although I’m not sure exactly what ideology that is, or it is the Liberal Party doing the bidding of the hydrocarbon industry.

I very much suspect the latter. Especially when these oil and gas companies are at the same time managing to avoid Environmental Protection Agency assessment of their fracking projects. The rest of the world are moving toward stronger regulation of fracking, of course the Liberal Party would take us the opposite way. What was I thinking?

It really hurts my head to actually be an Australian right now. I feel like I’m living in someone else’s country. We are meant to be a beacon of progress and multiculturalism, instead the Liberal Party are stifling progress and pushing their old school religious agenda on to kids at our public schools. Where did that $250m come from, by the way?

Bring on a Double Dissolution I say.

Bring it on whenever you dare Mr Abbott, because as soon as you are up for election again, we are going to kick you the fuck out of our Parliament.

P.S – If you live in the district of Warringah, PLEASE kick him out at the next election. Thanks.

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