Over 1000 unique views in 1 month! #100daysofblogging #Day28

That's My Two CentsWhen I started this #100daysofblogging challenge 28 days ago, I hadn’t written published a post on this bog since January.

Resultingly I was averaging about 96 unique views per month, or a little over 3 views per day. If you don’t post content, no one is going to come to your site.

Well, maybe 3 people will. But even they don’t hang around long if the content is old.

I have now posted for 28 days in a row. My average unique views per day has increased by more than 1100% to 34 views per day, or 1020 unique views for the month. Not including any this post gets before midnight.

So what are the most popular posts so far…?

Well, before I reveal that I’ve just got to say I’m quite happy to see at least 140 unique viewers have landed straight on the blog ‘home’ page. This is a great result.

It means people are coming to ‘check’ for posts, not just clicking on posts when they see them on Social Media or when they find them while Google.

Yes good, but what were the popular posts!?!?!?!??! Ok, here they were, the top 5:

  1. LNP’s $500m decision – 1 drone or 1million solar homes? #100daysofblogging #day14 – with over 250 views
  2. Too cool for school: Hair-dye protest at KSHS #100daysofblogging #day11 – with over 100 views
  3. noWAsharkcull crew take it to the EPA #100daysofblogging #day25 – with over 90 views
  4. Protect Native Forests! (Back to the roots) #100daysofblogging #day5 – with over 75 views
  5. Feels like yesterday. #100daysofblogging #Day19 – with 35 views.

Thanks for your support!!!

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