Gee gives me a day off. #100daysofblogging #Day60

Gee!Even though I’ve had too many ‘cheat posts’ lately, Gee has enforced a mandatory day off blogging. Well sort of. I’m allowed to write this. But only if I hyperlink her blog.

(note, Gee has not blogged for more days than I have ‘cheat posted’) =P

I’d love to make 100% of the posts of my 100 day challenge more substantial, but reality bites ! =P

A bit late for that. #100daysofblogging #Day59

Well, I guess I missed a day, though I haven’t slept yet.

We (Selekt Few) performed a set at tonight’s local hip hop night at YaYa’s. Was a great night with plenty of people through the door. Was very nice to see some friends and fans of ours in the crowd too!

I’ve only been home for a few minutes. I love performing, but damn am I exhausted!

But it’s worth every minute. I guess I’ll just have to write to posts today.

I’m counting this one though!

Time for bed now, check the Selekt Few Facebook page tomorrow for photos from tonights gig! 🙂

Blog meet random park dog #100daysofblogging #day57

Today on my way home from work I found a beautiful obedient dog that had been running around the park for hours.

Park dog!

Consequently I’ve spent the whole rest of the night posting about and looking after said dog.

In the morning we will take him to the local rescue shelter where they can scan him for a chip and hopefully help us find his owners.

Though I will be asking questions about the shock collar they had on him and will not be giving it back.

This dog does not need a shock.collar. I’ve only known him for about 5 1/2 hrs and he’s already walked fine, dealt with loads of dogs and  people. Shared toys and treats with my dog and now both of them are sleeping quietly.

All with minimal barking or fuss. Even with my grumpy middle aged dog 🙂

Procrastination kicks in #100daysofblogging #Day56

Procrastination Not many times have I sat here staring at the screen procrastinating on what to write during this #100daysofblogging challenge, but that’s what happened today.

Of course it would happen on the night when I need to leave by 6:40am in the morning for important work stuff.

I am also craving a round or two of TF2, after all what’s better than blowing up some online opponents before bed? Oh well, guess I wont be doing that tonight.

Aaaaand then someone said ‘write about procrastination’, so I did. Thanks Donna. Better to write something tonight than nothing tonight, right?

Got to keep the challenge going. Continue reading Procrastination kicks in #100daysofblogging #Day56

Blog meet dog. #100daysofblogging #Day55


Blog meet dog. This is Dan, the rescue dog my wife and I adopted as a pup from Shenton Park Dogs Home in 2007. He’s a lovely happy dog. I’m such a sucker for him. We got dog training from Cozy Crates.

He brings me and Gee much comfort and love as well as much annoyance.

He’s a tough dog too. If Gee and I are play fighting he breaks it up. If someone raises a hand or fist on our house his mouth is there gently reminding their arm that this is our house and we don’t like violence around here.

He helps me round up the chickens, without getting over excited and eating them. He plays with the cat, who bites him right on the face and hangs there.

We should probably take him for more walks than we do, but he gets loads of love and we make effort to play with him outside at least a few times a day. He likes to be where we are though, so if one of us is home he’ll by right by our feet most of the day.

We also take him for regular visits to the vet with the help of veterinary appointment scheduling. He is such a good boy that he makes no fuss about seeing the vet.

On weekend morning when we are feeling extra generous, he gets up on the bed for a half hour (sometimes more) of cuddles and snoozing. He especially gets this reward if his bark scares off door knockers on a Sunday, as often happens. Continue reading Blog meet dog. #100daysofblogging #Day55