Israel, Gaza and the occupation of Palestine #100daysofblogging #Day41

Israeli bombing in GazaIsraeli bombings in the Gaza Strip have yet again hit the headlines over the last week.

It’s an awful reality that this is a conflict prolonged and supported by western governments, including Australia.

This has been the case ever since the Balfour Declaration in 1917, a letter from the British Foreign Minister to Baron Walter Rothschild of the Jewish banking dynasty, declaring British support for the establishment of a Zionist state on Palestinian lands.

A look at the LONG LIST of UN Resolutions will reveal the history of Israeli aggression in Palestine, and the role the UK, France and more recently the US have played in it. The UK and France even helped Israel seize the Suez Canal from Egypt in 1956.

The Israel ‘Defence’ Force have been an aggressor since establishment and in recent years have been forcing a long term ‘State of Siege’ on the people of Palestine. In the West Bank, Israel even decides who gets water, when and how much.

Now I have no problem with Israeli’s as individual people. My problem is with aggressive militaristic nations. I have strong dislike for war mongers and occupiers.

I believe in democracy and self determination, I do not believe in the ghettoisation of a peoples, segregated and controlled by a ‘dominant’ race. I do not believe in forcing farmers off their land and taking it for yourself. I do not believe in committing genocide.

You would think Israelis would know that behaviour is wrong.

Yet we see collective punishment in Palestine in the form of bombings in Gaza Strip and crushing sanctions in the West Bank. Now I’m no fan of Hamas, but I’m pretty sure if you start to alleviate the crippling conditions, Hamas will start to disappear too.

When will the western nations step up, stop supporting this situation and move toward actively preventing Israeli aggression toward the people of Palestine?

I call on the Australian foreign minister Julie Bishop, to demand Israel halt all military activity in Gaza and the West Bank, open the Rafah border crossing and end their crippling sanctions regime.

But I doubt she has the stomach for that kind of assertiveness.

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