Selekt Few – One Of Those Days #100daysofblogging #Day47


you know how it feels one of those days
you can’t do nothing right, nothin goes your way,
you get out of bed, your feeling like ish,
you just wish, you could throw it all away

making your way in this world it isn’t easy,
smallest of things seem to mess it up completely,
but I guess that happen if hopes are too high
they turn a little set back into a sky-dive

makes you wan’t to curl up’ hide and get high,
but that’s not right ain’t time for being lazy
no time for being hazy- no hiding away see
what really makes a man is how he HANDLES himself,

is he reaching for a bottle from the top of the shelf,
or is he reaching for friends- savin’ his mental health
a real big difference one might save his life
while reaching for bottle just leads to more fights,

alright so I’m saying even if you got thick skin
it’s better you let it out you can’t bottle it in
it’s better that you write or you scream out or cry
theres no point lying when someones asking you why,

telling em the truth you feel better when you do,
but don’t ask me why its just what I tend to do
can’t carry this weight its too much for one chest
so I pick up the pen, let the music kill the stress

pen to page, yeah you’d be amazed,
relief can be found even when your down for days,
owning up to the past cleanses the soul of sin;
know where your at, see where you’ve been

no catholic saint here but I do believe in Karma,
lie about your past its gonna come back to harm ya
and now that i said what i came here to say
I pray this advice helps you out on that day

just one of those days, nothin like before
its all happy face and i’m smilin some more
better believe it’s just a choice that i made
the kind of choices we generally find hard to make

indecisive? you bet, life decisions make me fret
too much weight on my shoulder heavy like the debt
and too much weight i’m holdin makin decisions is difficult
gotta do something, grabbed computers, a winning result

the choices you make they’ll change up your day
went from depressed and crazed to the fonze and happy days
it was a simple little trick in following my heart
now i spend all day with the best honing the craft

find what your good at and practice it hard
get out in the scene blow your own horn.. HARD!
now just step up the game take the vision seriously
no time for slow mate the fires burnin here in me

are ya hearin me? i could see it all clearly
along a came the opportunity, i was scared, clearly!
could i step up? am i really good enough
happy to say so far so good for percuss

and it wasn’t what i bust, it was that i practiced enough
up all night, learning with lust, chasing not for the crust
chasin cos I just wanted to know whats up
whats inside? outside doesn’t excite me much

inside of me’s a whole lot of i dunno what
but every day i learnin more about what makes me tock
and one thing that i noticed is we all have those days
just one of those ones where nothing goes your way

just sit back, remember from your view
reality is askew when everythings lookin blue
so when all you wanna do is pack up and shoot through
lean towards your friends, your support crew


from the album MD, released 14 April 2014 
Beat by: MD (T. Butler) 
Written by: Shareef (L. Skinner) & Percuss (G. Tangey)

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