Abbott wants Australian forces in Ukraine. #100daysofblogging #Day50

Flag of the Donetsk People's RepublicTony Abbott today said ‘multi-national forces’, including forces from Australia, should be sent to Ukraine. 

I hate to say I told you so, but I did. I’m not even stretching the truth. Don’t believe me?

The video evidence is here, flick to 6:00 and watch for yourself. 

This whole thing is playing out in a way that stinks of political opportunism. Tony seizing the opportunity to beat the war drum. Maybe he hopes stoking ‘nationalism’ will help him recover from embarrassingly low polls. Or maybe he’s just an idiot.

The last thing global politics needs right now is more western interventions or foreign troops on Ukrainian soil. Or unwelcome foreign troops on anyone’s soil actually, which such forces would definitely be, in the Donetsk Republic.

Unfortunately our ‘Prime Minister’ lacks the diplomatic nuance required to navigate this kind of a situation in a sensitive and respectable fashion.

As I have said before, the man is an attack dog.

He prefers to be on the offensive. You can see it in his mannerisms. He stammers and stutters when is forced into diplomacy, but never misses a word when he’s flinging vitriol at the Labor Party.

He even named the diplomatic mission to get the bodies home “Operation Bring Them Home”, which is extremely insensitive for domestic reasons too.

He is confident when on the attack about Russia’s ‘obligations’, demanding Putin guarantee ‘safe access’ to the MH-17 site. Never mind that Russia can’t legally ‘secure’ access to the site without breaking Ukrainian sovereignty.

Never mind that the people of Donetsk have their own government.

But where is he when we need multi-national action to prevent civilian deaths in Gaza?

This week in Gaza we’ve seen the civilian death toll break more than 500 and the use of indiscriminate ‘fletchette’ bombs in civilian areas.

Where is Julie Bishop’s resolution condemning Israel’s slaughter of civilians in Gaza? 

There is not and will not be one.

The Liberal Party are rarely interested in ending wars, but regularly seem ready to start a new one. I just hope the international community has more sense than the Australian public did when we voted this government in. (*I did NOT vote for them*)

Please, let’s not send Australian troops to die in yet another foreign war zone.

3 thoughts on “Abbott wants Australian forces in Ukraine. #100daysofblogging #Day50”

  1. Israel is also using white phosphorus bombs on Gaza now. Israel used them in previous conflicts with Palestinians (2009), and maintained that they would no longer use them.. Israel is using them now. I am aghast that Australia is not condemning the slaughter in Gaza, Julie Bishop in particular. The death toll in Gaza has now exceeded 500 with well over 100 being children. It’s an abomination.

  2. We see the Ukraine govt. collapse now and yet PM says it wont make any difference to sending Aust troops into an active battle zone! How can this be? PM seems to be utterly naive in thinking they will be welcome! Reminds me of the US optimism that going into Iraq would be a ‘cakewalk’ and that they would be greeted ‘with flowers’.

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