Procrastination kicks in #100daysofblogging #Day56

Procrastination Not many times have I sat here staring at the screen procrastinating on what to write during this #100daysofblogging challenge, but that’s what happened today.

Of course it would happen on the night when I need to leave by 6:40am in the morning for important work stuff.

I am also craving a round or two of TF2, after all what’s better than blowing up some online opponents before bed? Oh well, guess I wont be doing that tonight.

Aaaaand then someone said ‘write about procrastination’, so I did. Thanks Donna. Better to write something tonight than nothing tonight, right?

Got to keep the challenge going.

I think that’s one of the great things about a challenge like this. Before the challenge I had sat in front of the screen procrastinating about writing MANY times over 6 months, without even posting a single thing.

Now I’m pushing through it and just writing. I’ve now written 56 blog posts in 56 days, with some of them being read by thousands of people.

I’d call that a victory over procrastination.

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