Australia needs to create more jobs. #100daysofblogging #Day61

Unemployment + Participation Rate in AustraliaThere are not enough jobs to go around in Australia, and that is a serious problem if you are one of the 740,000+ people looking for work.

While Liberal Party MP’s are always on about ‘getting people into jobs’,  this is proving to be nothing more than ‘political rhetoric’ under the current government.

You simply can not reduce unemployment without creating new jobs. Instead they use victim-blaming as a way to win votes, without actually doing anything to create jobs or reduce unemployment.

In fact it seems the Liberal Party do not understand how to create jobs.

You do not create jobs by withholding unemployment payments. You do not create jobs by forcing unemployed people people to apply for 40 jobs per month. You do not create jobs by forcing government control over spending by unemployed people.

You do not create jobs by forcing mature, highly qualified or skilled workers to take on unskilled roles that could be filled by younger, unskilled workers.

You do not create jobs by forcing unemployed people to work for below minimum wage in ‘work for the dole’ schemes, in fact they destroy jobs.

You create jobs through investment, particularly in innovation and infrastructure. 

The Australian Government needs to change where it spends in order to avoid a serious and sudden recession or extended period of stagnation like that experienced by Japan.

With tens of thousands of manufacturing jobs being lost already this year, a great place to start would be to direct government spending on high-tech military hardware toward locally manufactured equipment.

With $60.5bn+ budgeted for new military equipment between now and 2030, requiring a minimum of 50% of this to be spent in Australia would create a enough high-skilled local jobs to reverse the job losses in the Australian manufacturing sector.

But rather than spend money in ways which ensures our nations independence and improves local scientific knowledge and manufacturing capacity, the vast majority of that spending is currently slated to be spent overseas.

Even when the Liberal Party DO produce a policy that will create local jobs, they do not follow through with it.

Take for example their commitment to help fund “1 million solar homes”, a project that would have provided $500m of funding to support local jobs AND residents.

Since this funding was to be in the form of an ‘assistance’ package when purchasing a full solar install, this would’ve been matched with an additional $2bn+ worth of investment by the private sector (home owners). A great policy that I would fully support.

But the Liberal Party have dumped that election commitment and are also seeking to disband the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, which has committed $900m to local renewable energy projects, enabling $3bn worth of new projects to go ahead.

So here’s my message to the Liberal Party: 

If you are serious about increasing the participation rate and lowering unemployment, stop talking down to unemployed people and start actually creating jobs.


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