WA Government destroying our public transport. #100daysofblogging #Day68

Fine. Not getting paid.Today on our way to work my wife and I parked at the train station.

Because the Liberal Party decided to introduce ‘paid parking’ at all train stations, whether they are secure or not, I paid my $2 into the little machine.

I parked in the same exact parking spot we have been using on an almost daily basis since my wife started working in the city over 6 years ago.

Ours is one of those stations that only has about 15 marked parking bays on either side of the tracks, but with room for an extra 7-8 cars along the shoulder and another 10 in the dirt area.

That is how the car park would fill up every day for 5 years, with more cars parked in ‘unmarked bays’ than those parked in ‘marked’ ones. It worked. Everyone managed to get in and out. Our cars never got damaged, well except by thieves and vandals of course.

But today myself and a series of other cars all got $50 fines. 

Apparently we “Parked outside of marked bay”, in contravention of “rule 5” of the Government Railways (Parking Stations) By-law 1997.

So, let me get this straight. As of today (08/08/2014), you have decided to start charging me for parking in a place I have parked for the last 5+ years, under a law that has been in place since 1997?

That doesn’t sound fair or morally right to me. 

I would argue that through an established tradition of not charging people who park in that location, those areas – despite their lack of line – have become legitimate parking bays.

Additionally I would argue it is absolutely unfair for the State Government to, while in the process of enforcing new fees to park at a station, also be shutting down more than half of the available parking area.

I’ve already just started giving you money to park in the unsecured, vandalism riddled car park I’ve been using for the last 5 years. Now you won’t even let me park there? In addition, you want to fine me $50?

This is a working class area. You have already massively increased our weekly public transport costs this year through the introduction of this fee. Now you’ve just more than doubled my cost for this week ON TOP OF THAT.

My costs for using the train to travel to and from work have gone from $34.40/week in June to $42.40, and this week it’s up to $92.40 because of this ridiculous fine.

The bays ‘along the shoulder’ at Sherwood Station should be marked out and considered as legitimate parking areas, and my fine, along with all other fines issued to people for parking in these areas since July 01, 2014 be retracted.

I will be fighting the State Government on this one. 

How much more do you want to deter people from catching the train to work? I can’t even park at the station I’ve been parking at for the last 5 years now. There simply is not enough bays.

My wife and I carpool already and I often walk home from the station. We are considerate and try to avoid leaving the car there to make space for others.

But now there will be no space left to leave for people.

We need to do something about our public transport services, particularly on the Armadale line. But it should not be increasing the costs to local residents.

Armadale needs better public transport availability, not worse. 

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  1. Hi there! I’ve just been given the exact same infringement at the Thornlie station. The tyre of my car was over the marked line by less than 3 centimeters! I would love to know how you went with fighting the fine as I also intend on doing so.

    Thanks in advance!

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