Liberal Party want to bomb Iraq, again. #Warmongers

Courtesy of David Pope
Courtesy of David Pope

There is no doubt about it in my mind, the Liberal Party love war.

This week Tony Abbott has opened the door for Australian forces to re-engage in the war in Iraq. A war born from Western intervention, with an enemy raised in opposition to such intervention.

Bombing Iraq again will not make Australia safer. It will make Australia less safe. It will give extremists and excuse to target Australian’s both here and overseas.

This is NOT a beneficial foreign relations move for us to make. It is warmongering, we haven’t even been asked to send in forces and already the Liberal Party are sabre rattling.

It’s very much like when Abbott jumped the gun and sent SAS soldiers to the UK in advance of what he presumed was a ‘likely deployment’ to Ukraine. The Liberal Party are using war rhetoric to stoke fear in the population as a distraction.

They want to try and pass their harsh budget measures which attack the living standards, social services and safety nets of average Australians. The purpose behind this is privatisation, to allow the rich to own and profit from everything.

But they can never get the Australian public on side with those policies.

So they actively seek opportunity to send young Australian’s into battle instead, where they inevitably end up killing the youths of other nations.

This scars for life the families of both the victims of war, and the Australian forces too.

The threat of home grown terrorism from people who share sympathies with organisations that were established to reject Western intervention in the Middle East, will not be reduced through further intervention in the Middle East.

If you are an Australian planning a trip to Indonesia at the moment, you may wish to reconsider your destination if Australian Super Hornet’s are sent to bomb Iraq.

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