Whoops. #100daysofblogging #Day92

So I missed a day of blogging yesterday AND friday this week.

I’ve been doing this #100daysofblogging challenge for 92 days now and I’ve only missed 3 days, but I’ve ‘cheat posted’ a fair few time. Probably about 25% of the time.

That’s alright though, because it shows I have my priorities right. I’m not going to just drop all my other commitments because I whimsically chose to start a 100 day long blogging challenge.

But I’ve learned a fair bit along the way too.

I’ve learned (or maybe remembered) that in fact I can write every day for many many many consecutive days and still produce good content; but I can’t do it forever.

I’ve reminded myself that sometimes enjoying and surviving life is more important than stubbornly achieving a task you’ve set yourself. But if you can do both, that’s even better.

Provided everything goes to plan, in 8 day’s I will have completed ┬ámy 100 days of blogging challenge. Even if all of the next 8 posts were cheat posts, I’d still get a pass mark.

Some of the content has been great. Much of it has been revealing about my personality and mindset and relaxation methods.

There’s a few things I’ve really wanted to write but haven’t yet, maybe they’ll appear in the next few days.

I guess we’ll find out soon!

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