People Climate Mobilisation 2014 - photo by Zeb Parkes

2015: Day 1 of the New Climate Era

People Climate Mobilisation 2014 - photo by Zeb Parkes
From the People’s Climate Mobilisation, Sept 2014

Today is Day 1 of the New Climate Era – a whole new reality for humankind.

Welcome to the new climate era, where the earth is never again like it was for the rest of human existence; where our very existence depends on changing our economies and lifestyles to become compatible with the sensitive and finite nature of life on earth.

We’ve now reached the point of no return in regards to preventing catastrophic climate change.

We must act urgently and with a social determination not seen since the immediate period post World War II, when social progress came in leaps and bounds around the globe and nations received self determination.

That was a time where the all consuming power of kings, queens, empires and oligarchs was repeatedly challenged and defeated in the name of a necessary progress.

Now it’s our turn.

We must challenge and defeat the seemingly endless power of corporations and their ill-conceived economic doctrine of ‘endless growth’, if there is to be anything like our modern civilization left for future generations to inherit.

Capitalism has proven that it does not and can not work without strong regulation. There is no ‘invisible hand’ guiding the market toward a better future for all, there is only the hands of vested interest and the greed of the ultra rich.

The idea of growth and endless consumption has reached it’s finite limits and must be brought to a rapid end, beginning today.

This  year is going to be an intense year for every living person on earth, but it will be especially so for those of us who really care about the future of our climate.

It’s time to organise to win. It’s time to organise to survive.

This year, I’m stepping it up another notch. Last year was huge for me, but this year MUST be huge for EVERYBODY.

I’ll be taking direct action. I’ll be organising protests, door knocking, media events and inciting crowds at music concerts to rebel against growth. I’ll be fundraising, fighting and I’ll probably piss off a few friends along the way, because lets face it; not everyone is actually willing to see change.

But change there will be.

One thought on “2015: Day 1 of the New Climate Era”

  1. People need to see what is happening around the world! there appears to be a blackout in Australian media, even about what is happening in the eastern states, only the occasional photo sent in to the weather channel from someone’s mobile phone. No media on drought, floods, electrical storms etc. People need to “see” what is happening ! Seem to see more of “other countries”!

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