A bit late for that. #100daysofblogging #Day59

Well, I guess I missed a day, though I haven’t slept yet.

We (Selekt Few) performed a set at tonight’s local hip hop night at YaYa’s. Was a great night with plenty of people through the door. Was very nice to see some friends and fans of ours in the crowd too!

I’ve only been home for a few minutes. I love performing, but damn am I exhausted!

But it’s worth every minute. I guess I’ll just have to write to posts today.

I’m counting this one though!

Time for bed now, check the Selekt Few Facebook page tomorrow for photos from tonights gig! 🙂

STOP – You shall not write. #100daysofblogging #Day48

I’ve written a couple of things already today, none of which were for the blog unfortunately.

Now I’ve hit a sort of writers block. My brain is fatigued and I can not be bothered writing.

Instead, enjoy this video to one of my favourite Horrorshow songs ‘Thoughtcrime’ :

Hip hop, it makes my head feel better 🙂

Selekt Few – One Of Those Days #100daysofblogging #Day47


you know how it feels one of those days
you can’t do nothing right, nothin goes your way,
you get out of bed, your feeling like ish,
you just wish, you could throw it all away

making your way in this world it isn’t easy,
smallest of things seem to mess it up completely,
but I guess that happen if hopes are too high
they turn a little set back into a sky-dive

makes you wan’t to curl up’ hide and get high,
but that’s not right ain’t time for being lazy
no time for being hazy- no hiding away see
what really makes a man is how he HANDLES himself, Continue reading Selekt Few – One Of Those Days #100daysofblogging #Day47

Selekt Few – Tired #100daysofblogging #Day42

TiredWas up early this morning watching the World Cup and consequently am too tired for a long post tonight.

So here’s a song from Selekt Few instead!

Selekt Few – Tired, beat by Mdusu, from our recently released debut album ‘MD’.

Briggs & Gurrumul – Incredibly good Indigenous music #100daysofblogging #day40

Briggs Trials and Gurrumul

Two brand new songs this week came out by promising Indigenous hip hop artist Briggs, both in collaboration with triple platinum singer Gurrumul.

I first found Briggs through Adelaide hip hop crew Golden Era and enjoyed his album “The Blacklist”, a top notch debut. A few lyrics I disagreed with, but I enjoyed it non the less.

This is a serious step up.

With an evolved flow from delivery from Briggs, and lyrics about diverse and interesting topics, Briggs has a new confidence and a fire in the belly beyond anything I’ve seen from him previously.

In the above song “The Children Came Back“, a beautiful song written as a sequel to Archie Roach‘s song “Took The Children Away” and performed live for Triple J’s Like A Version yesterday, there is a line in which Briggs says:

“I’m Adam Goodes, and Adam should be applauded when he stands up”

Briggs’ first name is also Adam, and HE should be applauded for standing up. There is so much power in his voice in this song as he list these important historical Indigenous figures.

I especially love the lines:

“I’m Gurrumul, I’m Archie, I’m everything that you ask me, I’m everything that you can’t be. I’m the dead hearts heartbeat” Continue reading Briggs & Gurrumul – Incredibly good Indigenous music #100daysofblogging #day40