Real life has taken a grip

Sleepy Kelpie
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Real life stuff has taken a grip on my energy and time for writing lately.

A lot of things happening in the world right now, but I’m focused on work and organising for the Perth Climate Mobilisation at the moment.

That and trying to take a bit of time for self care, I’ve enjoyed playing some games but been a bit short on sleep lately.

Need to fix that issue. Also need to do some shopping.

In a more exciting turn of events, hopefully this weekend we will finally get bring home the puppy I found a few weeks ago!

Also, I just received more hours at work, so that idea about sleeping more…

Not likely.

Guilty Pleasure: Paramore – Still Into You

A few months back at work someone asked what are your guilty pleasures, in the context of speaking about hobbies, I have two guilty pleasures, online video games that are amazing, you can find out here my best options and understand why I love this to spend time with my friends or when I just want to be alone and play relaxed from home, and this takes me to my second one, music is the other one that fill me with joy.

This song was my first response and particularly with this video.

Paramore – Still Into You

This post is dedicated to my wife, who you can find over at The Gee Spot

Peoples Climate Mobilisation – September 21

Peoples Climate Mobilisation, September 21, 2014

Tonight I was at a meeting to organise an event here in Perth as part of a global action to coincide with the UN Climate Summit in New York on September 21.

The message for the event is simple and clear, we want a safe climate future. 

To achieve this, we call for:
1) Tony Abbott to put real climate action on the G20 agenda.
2) A strong Renewable Energy Target and timeline for 100% Renewable Energy.
3) No new coal or gas projects. 

Find out more about the Perth event here.

Click here for information about other Peoples Climate events around the global.

Also keep your eyes on the #PeoplesClimate and #WorthSaving tags across social media, as they will be used extensively by this campaign.