Podcast EP6 – Refugees & Electioneering + Ebs ‘The Travelling Unicorn’

Episode 6 of the (un) Common Sense Podcast is now available!

Featuring @Ebswearspink discussing IndigenousX and her ‘travelling unicorn’ project

This episode of the podcast includes:

24 Hour Police Station and the Armadale Town Forum

Written for Armadale Town Forum held on 20th June, 2013.

Hi fellow residents and official guests.

I want to read this letter out to all of you because I believe it is important to state what we in Armadale want and why.

What we really want in Armadale is to change how safe we feel in our own community, especially at night. We want to permanently secure our town centre and public transport so restaurants and other businesses can thrive at night.

The police station should have a presence of its own in the town centre. The existing station is out of sight from the town centre and even further from the train station. Continue reading 24 Hour Police Station and the Armadale Town Forum

Armadale needs a 24 hour police station

Armadale is a lower socio-economic area in the South-East of Perth with an unwarranted bad name due to persistent high crime rates.  It’s also my home town and we really need 24 hour, 7 day a week walk-in police station.

I’ve lived here (or in the surrounding suburbs) for more than 22 years now, since I was a 4 year old. Growing up in the area necessitated learning some street smarts, but was hardly a hostile environment for this privileged white kid to grow up in. I did OK. My brother and sister did too.

Unfortunately the quality and quantity of facilities for youths has not progressed since I was a kid, and nor have the local policing services. No offence meant to the hard-working local police with whom I have had many positive experiences. It’s not their fault they are under-resourced.

Armadale Residents Rally for a 24/7 walk-in police station.

Continue reading Armadale needs a 24 hour police station