How fracking pollutes ground water

I came across this great image on Facebook today, courtesy of the Kimberley Frack Free Community

It does a good job of explaining the dangers of fracking in one simple image.

Fracking is Dangerous

Dangerous, poisonous and flammable chemicals are forced down through two water aquifers and are then used to create intentional fault lines in the sediment layers in which the targeted methane gas is trapped.

As an intended result of this the integrity of the sediment layers is broken, enabling vertical movement of the gas for extraction.

As an unintended but almost inevitable consequence, sediment layers which seal off the water supply from the gas and chemicals is also broken.

These chemicals are literally designed to break apart sediment layers. Once they enter the water they will travel further and potentially create even more vertical fractures.

In addition to this, the waste products are stored above ground, often in exposed ponds which result in widespread contamination and death for flora and fauna.

There is nothing safe about this process. It should not be done anywhere.