Palmer, frienemy of the Australian public. (Carbon Price To Stay) #100daysofblogging #Day23

Price on Carbon Pollution to StayToday Clive Palmer surprised most of the country, especially progressives, by appearing with Al-Gore to announce his position on repealing the ‘Carbon Tax’.

When the announcement came it was bitter-sweet. Clive Palmer essentially agreed to follow the position the ALP under Kevin Rudd took to the election last year. He will only support dissolving the carbon tax on the condition it is replaced with an Emissions Trading Scheme.

Not at all what Tony Abbott had hoped to hear from his coal-mining friend. Not at all what most people would have expected to hear from a man who makes millions each year on digging up coal.

Not what I expected when Palmer and his soon-to-be Senator’s were elected last year.

If someone had told me three years ago that on this day Tony Abbott would be Prime Minister and billionaire coal-miner Clive Palmer would be refusing to repeal the ‘Carbon Tax’ without moving to an ETS, I’d probably have lost it laughing. Continue reading Palmer, frienemy of the Australian public. (Carbon Price To Stay) #100daysofblogging #Day23

‘High’ cost for dole tests – #100daysofblogging #day1

Yesterday I started a controversial debate on my Facebook wall after posting a status about the Liberal Party’s proposed mandatory drug testing of people receiving unemployment benefits. So far the post has 39 likes, 4 shares and 257 comments.

Mandatory drug testing is a ‘feel good’ policy that in actuality would be ineffective. It would not create employment. It would be very expensive to implement is likely to lead to higher crime rates.

Mandatory drug testing won't work

Punishing the unemployed by removing their life-support payments – because lets face it most of us would struggle to live on $255/week – is not going to help people gain employment.

Nor for that matter will quadrupling the cost of a diploma from TAFE and then forcing people under 30 to ‘earn or learn’, despite there being 100,000 too few opportunities.

Then on top of that you want to remove peoples right to privacy too?

How would you like it? Imagine this: every week for the next 6 months you will be forced to line up awkwardly with a bunch of other people for the pleasure of having someone watch you pee. Continue reading ‘High’ cost for dole tests – #100daysofblogging #day1

Australian Elections and the Insufficiency of Voting

Electoral politics can be a dirty business, especially in Australia.

The major parties, Labor (ALP) and the Liberal-National Party Coalition (LNP) play an intense, 5-week game of ‘catch-all’ policy making, and try to discredit each other.

This happens between candidates for the House of Representatives, the Senate (at this point Greens & Independents are contenders too), and at a national level between candidates for the Prime Ministership. It all plays out very publicly, streamed around the clock via television networks, media outlets and increasingly through social media and online communities.

Two overly crafted personalities are created and forced down our throats until we are so sick of them, we can’t WAIT to see that voting booth, if only to know all the excessive marketing will be over soon. Then it is over.

We have a new government and either you did or didn’t get what you ‘voted for’. Right?

For me, more often than not I DON’T get what I voted for, though the hung parliament of 2010 is the closest we have come so far. Never so far in Canning, the lower-house electorate I live in.

The truth is the majority of voters never get what they ‘voted for’. Continue reading Australian Elections and the Insufficiency of Voting

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