Protect Native Forests! (Back to the roots) #100daysofblogging #day5

250+ year old tree felled.I first posted about the WA Forest Alliance and their fight to save our native Karri forests in December last year.

It was possibly the most popular post on this blog, ever. Today I will give you an update. There’s some bad news and some good.

We’ll start with the bad…

I went back down to the forest recently to find a big beautiful tree I had photographed previously had been logged, oh and the whole area around it too. That would be the tree you can see all those people sitting on and putting their hands on in the photo above.

I was standing on the stump as I took the photo with my phone.

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Logging in WA’s South West

Recently I took part in a guided tour of our remaining native Karri forests with the West Australian Forest Alliance . I remember visiting these forests as a child, it is always inspiring. The first time I climbed the Gloucester tree near Pemberton I was barely in my teens. At 72m tall, the Gloucester tree was the highest 14-year-old me had ever been.

Clear Felling in WA's Challar Forest

When I heard the new Forest Management Plan will double the scale of logging in our remaining Karri forests (1), I wanted to see the implications of this for myself. I knew it would be painful to see, but I had to go. I had to bear witness and share the tragic reality of clear-felling with you.

Only 10% of our native Karri forest remain today, BEFORE logging expands.

After what I witnessed I have no doubt this new plan, if allowed to continue, will leave us with no pristine Karri forest left. It’s no wonder activists have begun taking direct action to halt the destruction (1,2,3).

I am very glad they have.

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