How do you shop? #100daysofblogging #Day33

It might sound a little boring to you, a blog post about shopping. A little too ‘domestic’.

But how you shop and what your motives are for the purchasing choices you make reveal a lot about your personality. They also send powerful financial signals to the people whose products you buy and also those you choose to ignore.

In a world where money unfortunately dominates business decisions, how you spend really does matter.

Are you spending local, supporting extra local jobs?

Or are you buying the cheapest similar product, regardless of it’s origin, likely supporting the under-payment of workers in foreign nations? Do you join in ‘boycotts’ of products with certain ingredients or brands involved in controversial practices?

Do you go and visit a local butcher? Do you get your bread from a local bakery? Do you visit a local fruit and vegetable store for your fruit and veg?

Or do you do all of your shopping in one particular store because it’s the ‘easiest’ option? Continue reading How do you shop? #100daysofblogging #Day33