ANZAC Day – what it means to me

April 25 is ANZAC Day in Australia and New Zealand, and it’s one of those days with a variety of meanings to a variety of people. Primarily it is a day to remember and pay respects to the Australia and New Zealand Army Corps soldiers who fought and died on our nation’s behalf in wars of past and present.

To me, ANZAC Day is a confusing mixture of respect, solemnity, pride and despair. Respect and pride for the sacrifices made by brave men and women in the hope of securing a safe and free life for their family and friends, and solemn remembrance of innocent civilians who die needlessly as a result of war every day. Then comes the despair. Continue reading ANZAC Day – what it means to me

What are Australian values?

This is the first post in a series I intend to write about the Australian constitution and the possibility of it being modified in an earmarked referendum. The issue at the fore of said referendum is the recognition of Indigenous and Torres Strait islanders as the original inhabitants of these lands. But also raised are a series of wider questions which have prompted debate about contemporary Australian values.

The project, which I was made aware of via some Indigenous activist friends on twitter, inspired this post. I want to get involved with this project, but I feel unqualified and unprepared. I am unsure what is needful from an Indigenous perspective, though I do have questions and ideas of my own regarding the constitution. Sometimes I feel like the constitution is a foreign document, written by people whose ideals are far away from the world in which I currently live, people who couldn’t have prepared for issues like the censorship of online content.

Where to start then, in this series of posts about Australian values? I guess for me the obvious place to start is with what I think Australian values are.

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