CENSORSHIP ALERT: Moqowama.net suspended

Go look for yourself! http://www.moqawama.net has been “suspended”!

So it didn’t take long for the USA to get involved in this did it. I bet there has been government actions in the USA to block Moqawama.net – the Hezbollah website. So much for democracy and free speech and equality of ideas and opinion.

In the modern world if you don’t fall in-line with the demands of Israel the USA pulls some strings until you do, like any good puppet regime would. Here is half of the world believing the USA is working through it’s puppet Israel, well I’m sorry to say this is more of a case of the bigger brother being too stubborn to admit the little brother did something wrong. Continue reading CENSORSHIP ALERT: Moqowama.net suspended

Lebanon – why don’t people care?

So Lebanon is being invaded by Israel, or should I say bombed? Or should I say “turned backward by 20 years”? Yet who really seems to give a rats ass? Who here in Perth, Western Australia even gives 1/10th of a shit? Other than our large Lebanese population, or someone whose’ relatives are stuck there on a holiday- it seems like no one.

The news here concentrates on the evacuation of Australian citizens who are terrified by bombs falling all around them. Oh poor them. They are in a protected international zone where Israel would never dare drop a bomb, and Hezbollah are not that stupid; while they have some international attention and even limited support they will make the most of it. They will try their best to impress.

They will turn people against Israel by both inflicting damage on the Israeli Defence Force, and by showing the world the damage Israel is inflicting upon the Lebanese civilian populations and infrastructure. Continue reading Lebanon – why don’t people care?