RIP Gavin Jones – I didn’t even know you. #100daysofblogging #Day43

Gavin Jones
Image Credit: Deadly Vibe

Before this morning I did not even know of Gavin Jones.

A  truth which is reflective of a reality Gavin dedicated his life to changing.

A reality in which figures of Indigenous excellence are routinely ignored and denied a voice by the vast majority of the white population and our institutions.

If we take away sports figures and artists, how many positive Indigenous role models or historical figures can you name? The honest answer is not enough.

It is clear Gavin was a man with vision, which is reflected in the Vision & Mission Statement of Deadly Vibe the company he founded:

Support all Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islander people in reaching their full potential by providing positive imagery, identifiable role models and quality media to improve community and quality of life.

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Terra Nullius – A convenient lie.

Terra Nullius, a convenient lie.
Taught it in our schools, yet we wondered why
when Indigenous girls broke down and cried.

We were NEVER taught the price in Indigenous lives.

The reality of it was invasion and genocide,
and even language couldn’t survive the genocide;
of six hundred dialects, less than two hundred survive.

Terra Nullius, a convenient ‘white lie’.
But Tony Abbott still dropping the line,

Coz who gives a fuck about the truth anyway right?


Tony Abbott – cunning or actually a moron??? #100daysofblogging #Day32

How to distract people from the fact you have cut $534 million from Indigenous programs? Make a statement about Australia not being ‘settled’ before ‘white man’ came along. Call the British invasion a “foreign investment”. It was actually genocide. 

He pretty just threw progress on Indigenous reconcilliation in Federal politics all the way back to Terra Nullius – no man’s land. I thought that had been committed to the scrap heap of history for good. It should have been.

I actually don’t know whether Tony Abbott is simply a moron, or whether the many ‘fumbles’ we are seeing are actually a cunning disguise for winding back progress.

How do you distract people from their almost overwhelming rejection of the current Liberal Party’s first budget? Return the debate to foreigners, by handing refugees back to the people they were running from, in this case Sri Lanka.

Is this just Liberal Party stupidity, or is it an actual strategy? A strategy to keep the discussion focused on some kind of ‘other’, from which their predominantly white, middle/upper-class support base should be ‘scared’ for some reason.

Divide socially progressive people from the rest by switching the debate away from the subject we are all agreeing on.

It’s worked well for the Liberal Party in the past, but we are in a new age now.

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Podcast EP6 – Refugees & Electioneering + Ebs ‘The Travelling Unicorn’

Episode 6 of the (un) Common Sense Podcast is now available!

Featuring @Ebswearspink discussing IndigenousX and her ‘travelling unicorn’ project

This episode of the podcast includes:

Podcast 2: Howard Sattler, Brazil Protests and Luke Pearson of Indigenous X

Episode 2 of the podcast is now available!

Download or listen now: (un) Common Sense Podcast Episode 2

Issues covered in this episode of the podcast include:

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