Millionaires & Billionaires… What happened to the ‘fair go’? #100daysofblogging #Day39

Wipe your ass with $100I do not trust the ultra-wealthy. 

Not people earning $250,000/yr, that salary is within the realm of reality.

If your job requires you to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; such as a sole owner of a medium sized business, that’s only a wage of $28.54/hr.

That is less than my hourly rate.

But if you have do so well out of OUR mutual society, that you have a disproportionate amount of wealth, then you definitely have a responsibility to give it back.

No person should have an asset value of hundreds of millions.  

We should put a 100% income tax on all income for people with an asset value > 100 times the median family asset value.

In Australia as of 2012, the median household asset value is $434,000.

As such, I firmly believe no person or household should have a personal asset value greater than $43.4 million. Even that number is greedy, from my perspective. Continue reading Millionaires & Billionaires… What happened to the ‘fair go’? #100daysofblogging #Day39

Why, why #occupy?

You might have heard about Occupy Wall St or Occupy Perth.

If you have, you’ve probably also heard commentators asking “why, why, why?”. That has been pretty hard to miss. Here are some answers, which are of course my own subjective personal views. They are also subject to change as the movement grows and it’s membership takes shape. But anyway, lets get to it.

There are far too many reasons behind the popularity of the occupy movement to try name them all, but they all relate back to one key issue: Wealth Inequality.

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