The Internet gives me hope. #100daysofblogging #Day53

A snapshot of Internet ConnectivityThe internet is one of very few things which gives me hope for the future of humanity.

Well actually it’s much more than just ‘the internet’ as a tool which give me hope.

It’s not just the sheer volume of information. It’s not just the ability to communicate instantly with dozens of people from different locations all at once.

It’s more than that.

It’s the communities I’ve become a part of and the huge variety of people I’ve met online.

From the random US citizens I spoke to on IRC in 1996, to Iraqi bloggers I met online in 2004, to local activists I met through Twitter and Facebook in 2011.

The fact that I can meet these people from the safety of my own home has made me a different person than I would have been otherwise. It broke cultural barriers and freed me from relying on mainstream sources to learn about other parts of the world.

The shareware, freeware and open source culture of online communities supply endless, high quality free to use applications for nearly every task imaginable.  Continue reading The Internet gives me hope. #100daysofblogging #Day53

Podcast Episode 5: Corey Hunt, Honduras and Gang Violence

Episode 5 of the (un) Common Sense Podcast is now available!

Featuring a great discussion about gang violence and homicide in Honduras, the murder capital of the world with Corey Hunt (@Corey_Hunt).

This episode of the podcast includes:

The Olivebranch Network is 6 months old!

So 6 months ago today the Olivebranch Network had it’s first post published. Six months on and the project is a huge success both for me personally and for all the other contributors involved. As a result of this project (which, in itself is due to the kind generosity of one Antony Loewenstein) I have now been offered a position on the blogcritics team.

Today I will publish my first post on, and in that way gain more exposure for the Olivebranch Network than any other single event I have done to this day. have over 50,000 hits a day; whereas the OB network averages only 50.

On top of this great achievement the OB network has become the largest running Iraqi group blog, a feat in itself to gather so many views in one place; with the full support of each involved writer.

Today I’m over the moon.

In the first 6 months of it’s existence the OB network has gone further than my own blog has in over a year, to the extent I have even been asked to go participate in a blogging convention as part of a Young Australian Writers convention in New South Wales (Newcastle). Of course I accepted, despite it being in the middle of my uni study – how could I not?

If anything I have ever done is going to push forward my chances as making it as a journalist it’s seizing opportunities like these. So in the words of George W Bush I say “BRING EM ON” 🙂

p.s this site will be receiving a major overhaul over the next couple of months so expect lots of changes! 🙂