WA Government destroying our public transport. #100daysofblogging #Day68

Fine. Not getting paid.Today on our way to work my wife and I parked at the train station.

Because the Liberal Party decided to introduce ‘paid parking’ at all train stations, whether they are secure or not, I paid my $2 into the little machine.

I parked in the same exact parking spot we have been using on an almost daily basis since my wife started working in the city over 6 years ago.

Ours is one of those stations that only has about 15 marked parking bays on either side of the tracks, but with room for an extra 7-8 cars along the shoulder and another 10 in the dirt area.

That is how the car park would fill up every day for 5 years, with more cars parked in ‘unmarked bays’ than those parked in ‘marked’ ones. It worked. Everyone managed to get in and out. Our cars never got damaged, well except by thieves and vandals of course.

But today myself and a series of other cars all got $50 fines. 

Apparently we “Parked outside of marked bay”, in contravention of “rule 5” of the Government Railways (Parking Stations) By-law 1997.

So, let me get this straight. As of today (08/08/2014), you have decided to start charging me for parking in a place I have parked for the last 5+ years, under a law that has been in place since 1997?

That doesn’t sound fair or morally right to me.  Continue reading WA Government destroying our public transport. #100daysofblogging #Day68

You have no right to be a bigot. #100daysofblogging #Day65

David Pope CartoonToday the ‘right to be a bigot’, as the pompous George Brandis put it, was rebuffed by his own party.

The Liberal Party halted attempts to repeal Section 18 C of the Racial Discrimination Act, after a poll revealed more than 76% of Australian’s were opposed to the repeal.

It’s certainly a win for community campaigning, but to what extent is this a victory?

If we have to fight this hard to preserve the status quot on race issues, is our country really succeeding at all? Continue reading You have no right to be a bigot. #100daysofblogging #Day65

Australia needs to create more jobs. #100daysofblogging #Day61

Unemployment + Participation Rate in AustraliaThere are not enough jobs to go around in Australia, and that is a serious problem if you are one of the 740,000+ people looking for work.

While Liberal Party MP’s are always on about ‘getting people into jobs’,  this is proving to be nothing more than ‘political rhetoric’ under the current government.

You simply can not reduce unemployment without creating new jobs. Instead they use victim-blaming as a way to win votes, without actually doing anything to create jobs or reduce unemployment.

In fact it seems the Liberal Party do not understand how to create jobs.

You do not create jobs by withholding unemployment payments. You do not create jobs by forcing unemployed people people to apply for 40 jobs per month. You do not create jobs by forcing government control over spending by unemployed people.

You do not create jobs by forcing mature, highly qualified or skilled workers to take on unskilled roles that could be filled by younger, unskilled workers.

You do not create jobs by forcing unemployed people to work for below minimum wage in ‘work for the dole’ schemes, in fact they destroy jobs.

You create jobs through investment, particularly in innovation and infrastructure.  Continue reading Australia needs to create more jobs. #100daysofblogging #Day61

Abbott wants Australian forces in Ukraine. #100daysofblogging #Day50

Flag of the Donetsk People's RepublicTony Abbott today said ‘multi-national forces’, including forces from Australia, should be sent to Ukraine. 

I hate to say I told you so, but I did. I’m not even stretching the truth. Don’t believe me?

The video evidence is here, flick to 6:00 and watch for yourself. 

This whole thing is playing out in a way that stinks of political opportunism. Tony seizing the opportunity to beat the war drum. Maybe he hopes stoking ‘nationalism’ will help him recover from embarrassingly low polls. Or maybe he’s just an idiot.

The last thing global politics needs right now is more western interventions or foreign troops on Ukrainian soil. Or unwelcome foreign troops on anyone’s soil actually, which such forces would definitely be, in the Donetsk Republic. Continue reading Abbott wants Australian forces in Ukraine. #100daysofblogging #Day50