The Olivebranch Network’s New Contributors

Cross posted from the Olivebranch Network

Though some members of the network have yet to post it’s time to pay thanks and say a little tribute to the wonderful Olivebranch Network contributors.

Though not yet two months old the network now includes prominent Iraqi bloggers (Baghdad Treasure24 Steps to LibertyMajed Jarrar and Hassan (from Average Iraqi).

Other excellent if not so prominent bloggers have also joined the team including, John Hennington (US soldier//blogger returned from Iraq), Salam Adil from Asterism (Iraqi in UK), Meso Rock (Teenage Iraqi Girl in Saudi Arabia), Z from No Pain No Gain, Shahram Kohldi from SCAN-IRANIC and Farid Pouya from WebGardian (Irani blog about Irani Blogs).

I would also like to save a special mention for Baghdad Doctor for his most wonderful contributions, particularly the post “Unforgettable Day“- watch for more from him soon.

Two other people need mention (other than myself):

Attawie our excellent female Iraqi writer//poet now living in the United Arab Emirates, *yet to post*- and last but not least Antony Loewenstein, whose generosity and kind heartedness is the reason this network came to be.

We look forward to including more contributors and covering more areas of discussion- but for now stay regularly tuned as these contributors become actively involved in educating you about Iraqi and Middle Eastern culture.

A big thanks must also go to those who offered support and encouragement, there are too many to mention individually.