John Oliver talks sense on Ferguson. #100daysofblogging #Day78

I want to write something about what’s going on in Ferguson, but haven’t had the time to develop a real understanding in order to do so.

However, this weeks “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” sums up most of my thoughts about it.

One analogy I will add is this:

Anyone who has plays shooter games knows knows that it’s no fun walking around unarmed when you’ve got an assault rifle in your inventory. There is a good reason the police are meant to be a ‘civilian’ force, not a military one.

If you give people dangerous toys to play with, especially when they are in positions of power, people will likely end up hurt. Excessive force is a likely result when you arm police to the teeth to approach low-level threats.

Enjoy John Oliver’s comedic analysis:

Armadale needs a 24 hour police station

Armadale is a lower socio-economic area in the South-East of Perth with an unwarranted bad name due to persistent high crime rates.  It’s also my home town and we really need 24 hour, 7 day a week walk-in police station.

I’ve lived here (or in the surrounding suburbs) for more than 22 years now, since I was a 4 year old. Growing up in the area necessitated learning some street smarts, but was hardly a hostile environment for this privileged white kid to grow up in. I did OK. My brother and sister did too.

Unfortunately the quality and quantity of facilities for youths has not progressed since I was a kid, and nor have the local policing services. No offence meant to the hard-working local police with whom I have had many positive experiences. It’s not their fault they are under-resourced.

Armadale Residents Rally for a 24/7 walk-in police station.

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