Palmer, frienemy of the Australian public. (Carbon Price To Stay) #100daysofblogging #Day23

Price on Carbon Pollution to StayToday Clive Palmer surprised most of the country, especially progressives, by appearing with Al-Gore to announce his position on repealing the ‘Carbon Tax’.

When the announcement came it was bitter-sweet. Clive Palmer essentially agreed to follow the position the ALP under Kevin Rudd took to the election last year. He will only support dissolving the carbon tax on the condition it is replaced with an Emissions Trading Scheme.

Not at all what Tony Abbott had hoped to hear from his coal-mining friend. Not at all what most people would have expected to hear from a man who makes millions each year on digging up coal.

Not what I expected when Palmer and his soon-to-be Senator’s were elected last year.

If someone had told me three years ago that on this day Tony Abbott would be Prime Minister and billionaire coal-miner Clive Palmer would be refusing to repeal the ‘Carbon Tax’ without moving to an ETS, I’d probably have lost it laughing. Continue reading Palmer, frienemy of the Australian public. (Carbon Price To Stay) #100daysofblogging #Day23

Investigate the EPA in WA. #100DaysOfBlogging #Day18

EPA of WA should be under investigationNew South Wales are conducting a Parliamentary Inquiry into the effectiveness and performance of that states Environmental Protection Authority.

The move comes after a string of controversial decisions by the EPA and criticism that it was “more focused on protecting polluting industries than looking after the community and human health”. I’d agree with that assessment and would say it also applies to the EPA here in Western Australia too.

The Environmental Protection Act of 1986, in outlining the functions of the Environmental Protection Authority states as one of it’s key functions, this:

“to coordinate all such activities, whether governmental or otherwise, as are necessary to protect, restore or improve the environment in the State”

In WA they are at best terribly ineffective at their job.

Back in 2006, the transportation of ‘lead carbonate’ for export by Magellan Metals lead to large-scale poisonings in Esperance. Kids had high levels of lead in their bloodstream. Birds literally fell from the sky. Continue reading Investigate the EPA in WA. #100DaysOfBlogging #Day18

Abbott & Harper – Ideologues with no clue #100DaysOfBlogging #Day8

Cartoon by David Pope for The Canberra Times, 10 June 2014.

Today the ridiculous Prime Minister of Australia and his counterpart in Canada (Canadia?) sullied a great moment of opportunity for building momentum to prevent catastrophic human-induced climate change.

The USA has just committed to reducing emissions from power plants by 30%, albeit on 2005 levels. India recently committed to a massive nation wide solar-powered electricity drive. China is undertaking strong crack-downs on emissions as air quality in major cities becomes dangerously high, there’s even discussion of an ‘absolute cap’ on carbon emissions in China coming into effect in 2016. This is serious action!

It is hard to argue there has ever been a more opportune moment to achieve movement on climate change. At very least I would argue there hasn’t been this much momentum toward an international agreement on climate change action since inaction and lack of commitment by the USA & China lead to the failure of the Copenhagen talks in 2009. Continue reading Abbott & Harper – Ideologues with no clue #100DaysOfBlogging #Day8

Nail in the coffin for old coal – (thx Obama!) #100daysofblogging #day2

Barrack Obama delivered the sweet sweet goodness with this announcement. The US President announced carbon emissions in the USA will be reduced 30% by 2030. It’s pretty much the ‘nail in the coffin’ for old coal. The biggest economy in the world just tipped the scales. Coal is no longer a viable sources of electricity. With any luck Americans will start moving their cars away from oil pretty damn soon too.

But here we are, in Australia, trying to repeal a carbon reduction system that works. Who actually thinks repealing the ‘Carbon Tax’ – which will become a part of international emissions trading systems next year – is a good idea?

It makes me squirm to know that when Barrack Obama talks to his Australian counter part about climate change next week, the response he’s getting is probably like this:

Continue reading Nail in the coffin for old coal – (thx Obama!) #100daysofblogging #day2