Liberal Party policy setting is all wrong

AbetzUgh. The Liberal Party have screwed up the Australian Government’s policy setting again, as we who pay attention knew they would.

Palmer and his cohorts played along, happy to cut a tax which would save his business millions while costing the Australian public billions.

It’s appalling, and next (literally, tomorrow) they’ll be trying to roll back workplace rights for all Australian workers by essentially re-introducing the majority of their previous ‘WorkChoices’ policy.

There’s a pro-forma email to cross bench senators asking them not to support the changes, click here to see it.

Senate reality sinks in for LNP #100daysofblogging #Day38

Brazil-Germany Tim Cahill, Australian Senate didn't pass carbon tax repealToday the reality of Australia’s new Senate finally kicked in for Tony Abbott and Co.

Full of pronouncements about how today would be the day they finally repeal the carbon tax, 9 months after taking office.

As soon as he said it this morning, I knew it was a silly move. It was like an invitation for Palmer United Party to fuck it all up for him.

The Liberals then, either deceptively or through sheer incompetence,  didn’t add Palmer’s amendments to the repeal bill before distributing it for voting.

This was picked up before it went to vote, causing the PUP Senators to vote against the Government, keeping the carbon tax in place just a little bit longer.

But it won’t last long. Palmer has formally agreed to repeal the tax. He hasn’t even required the existing Emission Trading Scheme legislation be kept, but in a dormant state. He’s simply asked for an assurance that a future ETS legislation he proposes will get LNP support.

If he thinks he can trust them on that promise, he is deluding himself.

Personally, I don’t think Palmer really cares at all about saving Australia’s renewable energy market and reducing our emissions. But he has certainly realised the vast majority of Australian’s do, so he is making noise to seem like he’s doing all of the right things.

But he’s actually not. Continue reading Senate reality sinks in for LNP #100daysofblogging #Day38

More troops for Anbar and Baghdad

I heard on the news today that US President Bush is going to officially announce his plan to send an additional 20,000 US troops to Iraq. The news report said the troops were going to Baghdad with the mission of confronting the Shiite militia’s and Sunni insurgency to quell the violent sectarian war which has been plaguing Baghdad of late.

A later report on the news said the new Iraqi Government had also decided to increase troop levels in Baghdad to match the US surge- this article suggested a door-to-door search would be conducted by joint US-Iraqi forces. The aim is to root out militias and insurgents in hope of stabilizing Baghdad before a gradual US withdrawal. There have been rumours Democrats in the new congress would not provide funds for these troops- yet the most senior Democrats insist they will not cut off funding for US troops in Iraq.

Assuming this all goes ahead and the Iraqi army can equal the US troop deployment (unlikely, they will probably match at least half however). I would assume at least 25% of these forces will not be present in Baghdad and will likely go to Anbar as suggested. Continue reading More troops for Anbar and Baghdad