(un) Common Sense podcast has arrived!

The (un) Common Sense podcast is here.

This podcast is hosted by Luke Skinner and will run once a week. You can expect to hear about a wide variety of topics including politics, economics, human rights, the environment and much more.

Tune in via troutish.net:8000/stream.m3u

Ask @troutish questions for the show via twitter on the #UCScast tag.

Download link for episode 1 of the (un)Common Sense podcast will be available at 8:00 AM Perth time on Sunday the 9th of June.


The Liberal Party & Worldwide Online Printing – Demonising Refugees

Today I received one of the abhorrent Liberal party flyers going around the nation which¬†dehumanise and¬†demonise refugees by continually associating their arrival via boat with the term “illegal”. Clearly a political stunt aimed at exacerbating public ‘fear of the other’ at the expense of genuine refugees, in the hope of scoring political points.

Yep, that’s bad. But the story gets worse. The flyer I received was printed by Worldwide Online Printing, who no doubt have made a profit in the process. That is to say, they directly profited from a POLITICAL FLYER which demonises refugees and was delivered to my home.

I have a problem with people profiting off creating further misery for people who are fleeing persecution, so I went over to Worldwide‘s Facebook page and left the following reasonable criticism (mind the typos, I was a little worked up):

Worldwide Online Printing profiting off the LNP's demonisation of refugees, my comments. Continue reading The Liberal Party & Worldwide Online Printing – Demonising Refugees