Patent Ending – Tesla opens up patents to competitors. #100daysofblogging #Day12

Tesla RoadsterYesterday one of the worlds leading technological innovators, Tesla Motors, announced it would open up free access to all of it’s technology patents.

I’ve never really been a fan of the patent-enforcement industry.

To me the idea of preventing a technological breakthrough from being used widely in society is counter-productive. The purpose of scientific discovery is not to line the pockets of investors, but to advance the efficiency and improve the lives of the whole human race, and indeed the lives of other animals too. So this is a smart move, in my opinion.

When a company as big as Tesla says the current patent system is not working, and genuinely does something to get around it, that sets a precedent. Continue reading Patent Ending – Tesla opens up patents to competitors. #100daysofblogging #Day12

Surviving the 21st century (in 25 steps)

So we’re in the 21st century (supposedly).

We’ve been here 6 years already and all these promises of a better life and a better future seem to be collectively flowing out the door. Instead we are heading towards armageddon or at very least World War Three as the self-centred populations of developed countries do nothing but consume, consume, consume and consume a little more.

We’re still relying on dodgy old cars that spill more pollution into the atmosphere than a coal-fired power plant  Which reminds me, we still use coal-fired power plants for the majority of our electricity generation here in Australia, despite the availability of hundreds of alternative forms of energy production. Not to mention the fact that hundreds of ways to decrease energy consumption by increasing product efficiency have been ignored for years on end.

If we’re going to live through the 21st century without bringing the advancement of the human race to a grinding halt we’re going to need to work on what we’ve already got- not ignore it in hope of finding some kind of “miracle cure” to all our problems that allows us to go on consuming, consuming, consuming and consuming a little more. These are just some basic steps we can all take to start decreasing energy consumption around the world and increasing the efficiency of energy consuming products and persons. Continue reading Surviving the 21st century (in 25 steps)