WA Government destroying our public transport. #100daysofblogging #Day68

Fine. Not getting paid.Today on our way to work my wife and I parked at the train station.

Because the Liberal Party decided to introduce ‘paid parking’ at all train stations, whether they are secure or not, I paid my $2 into the little machine.

I parked in the same exact parking spot we have been using on an almost daily basis since my wife started working in the city over 6 years ago.

Ours is one of those stations that only has about 15 marked parking bays on either side of the tracks, but with room for an extra 7-8 cars along the shoulder and another 10 in the dirt area.

That is how the car park would fill up every day for 5 years, with more cars parked in ‘unmarked bays’ than those parked in ‘marked’ ones. It worked. Everyone managed to get in and out. Our cars never got damaged, well except by thieves and vandals of course.

But today myself and a series of other cars all got $50 fines. 

Apparently we “Parked outside of marked bay”, in contravention of “rule 5” of the Government Railways (Parking Stations) By-law 1997.

So, let me get this straight. As of today (08/08/2014), you have decided to start charging me for parking in a place I have parked for the last 5+ years, under a law that has been in place since 1997?

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Solar Cuts, Paid Parking and the Liberal Party’s budget

The Liberal Party of Western Australia are misusing the West Australian government’s budget in many ways. I only want to focus on 3 of them for now.

  1. Solar Cuts – Solar feed-in rebate to be slashed in half, despite 10 year contracts.
  2. Paid Parking – Free parking at train stations to be abolished as of July 1, 2014.
  3. Wasteful Spending – $20bn+ on Elizabeth Quay and $1bn+ on sports stadium.

One of the most controversial decision in the August 8 state budget are the “Solar Cuts” (see #SolarCuts). These will see the solar energy feed-in tariff literally halved, despite electricity prices having risen by more than 70% in recent years.

Existing customers currently receive 40c per unit sold, this will be reduced to 20c.

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Armadale needs a 24 hour police station

Armadale is a lower socio-economic area in the South-East of Perth with an unwarranted bad name due to persistent high crime rates.  It’s also my home town and we really need 24 hour, 7 day a week walk-in police station.

I’ve lived here (or in the surrounding suburbs) for more than 22 years now, since I was a 4 year old. Growing up in the area necessitated learning some street smarts, but was hardly a hostile environment for this privileged white kid to grow up in. I did OK. My brother and sister did too.

Unfortunately the quality and quantity of facilities for youths has not progressed since I was a kid, and nor have the local policing services. No offence meant to the hard-working local police with whom I have had many positive experiences. It’s not their fault they are under-resourced.

Armadale Residents Rally for a 24/7 walk-in police station.

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